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Bullied Youths

Coaches Teachers and Administrators Bullying ....Oh My!
Ashtabula Wrestling coach watches his wrestler assault a student for carrying a backpack with an opposing teams name on it. This is not the exception , this coach just got caught on camera ...oops. No question he should go to jail and never coach again.

What do we do with coaches who have been reported for bullying, which is a crime and administrators who ...
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O'grady Steals Mayor Kennedy's Campaign Sign

North Olmsted Resident Bullied By Former Mayor Ogrady Caught On Video

North Olmsted Ohio Mayorial Candidate O'grady was caught on a home owners surveillance video removing the incumbent Mayor Kevin Kennedy's campaign sign from their yard. Then he is seen carrying the signs to the neighbors front door.
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Service Dog Dusty Helps Child At Pool

Child With A Disability First Spoken Word Is Dusty

Here is an inspiring story of a young girl who couldn't speak and a service dog named Dusty who opened the flood gates of this precious childs speaking and the first word was Dusty.

Here is the story from the owner of Dusty that will ...
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Pork Chops And Karate Chops Stop Bullying

Anti-Bullying Video Karate Chops Right To The Heart

This is an awesome video I came across and wanted to share with the readers that MMA refuge.
I am under the impression that this video started as a poem to tap out bullying and if that wasn't good enough they put the message ...
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Man With Autism Bullied On RTA

Cleveland Judge Sentences RTA Bullies For Attempted Murder Of Man With Autism

Four men sentenced by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Deanna Calabrese for beating a man with autism while riding the rapid in September of 2012. At least two men were convicted of felonious assault and one man was convicted for ...
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MMA The Oldest Sport In The World

Wrestling Thrown From The Olympics

Wrestling, a key element of MMA, received the slam heard round the world, the Olympic Committee throws wrestling out of the Olympics. This is absolutely ridiculous especially because wrestling is the documented worlds oldest sport. I recently read an article in USA today's sports section, that an ancient text proves wrestling is the world's oldest sport. Written on a fragment of papyrus and about 18 inches long dates ...
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MMA Star Has Downs Syndrome

MMA Refuge's Star Wrestler Of The Week Has Downs Syndrome

 Steven Giampapa, Massachusetts state champion in wrestling decided to take on one of the toughest kids he's ever faced.  His opponent 16-year-old Daniel Gill, who has Down Syndrome has been sitting on the sidelines ...
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Girls Against The World

13-year-old Girl Against The World Of Bullying Writes First Blog Post

Hello anti-bullying community, you guys have got a here this story about this 13-year-old girl and her friend who want to tap out bullying worldwide. A few days ago a young girl that I know took a look at my blog iron Mike's anti-bullying through MMA blog. She asked me does that allow ...
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MMA Fighter's Angels And Demons

 MMA Fighter Vitor Belfort Shares His Thoughts On God

One of the world's toughest MMA fighters Vitor Belfort hasn't just fought battles in the octagon the battles of the heart, mind, and spirit. While ...
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MMA Blogger Helps Irish Government

Ireland's Government Decides All Schools Have Anti-Bullying Plan.

On Tuesday Ireland's government met to discuss a plan for anti-bullying in schools. They are suggesting that schools record and save any incident regarding bullied students. I think this is a great idea because are too many kids out there who are unprotected. Said to say that we need to implement through government intervention anti-bullying plans to help save our children.
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